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This is a call for proposals from 1099 contractors specializing in marketing and communications. This contract will be a minimum of 6 months with an estimated 60-70 hours per month.



SecondMuse champions and supports the growth of future economies by designing and leading programs that involve workshops, events, mentorship networks, curriculum, and other efforts to build and grow community ecosystems. At the core of our community-sourced approach is a dedication to creating and fostering cohesive narratives and deep relationships throughout the ecosystem. We have organized innovation programs in over 100 countries and 250 cities, sourcing solutions from every corner of the world. Each program has challenged our teams to develop targeted approaches to find, and then support, visionary leaders with a diverse range of experiences, motivations, and cultures. We invite you to help build with us--leverage our proven strategies to build strong communities and influence local, regional, and global networks, and add your own contribution to our growing team and portfolio of programs.


Program Background:

SecondMuse is inviting proposals from qualified entities and independent contractors specializing in communications and marketing services to contribute to the Headstream Innovation program. This role will support external communications for the program to ensure effective communication, promotion, marketing, engagement, and involvement both within and outside of the organization to support Headstream’s goals. The ideal entity or person should have experience in marketing, communications, graphic design, content creation, advertising, email campaign management, and copywriting. 

Headstream exists to improve the mental well-being of adolescents, with a focus on systemically excluded communities including BIPOC, Latino, and LGBTQIA+ individuals. Through multi-pronged economy-building initiatives, Headstream reshapes how the health, education, and social tech systems, the sectors where young people are growing up, prioritize mental health. By fostering inclusive environments where changemakers and powerholders come together, Headstream catalyzes the innovation and system changes needed to address the mental well-being of the millions of young people most in need.

Learn more about our work through our social media channels: 

X: @HeadstreamInno

Instagram: @Headstreaminno

Youtube: @HeadstreamInnovation



Scope of Services:

The selected contractor will be responsible for the following deliverables:

  • Create and implement a Marketing and Communications strategy for the Procurement Work and the Entrepreneur Residency Program 
  • Evaluate and optimize the strategy based on analytics and feedback, ensuring agility in response to changing market dynamics
  • Develop concise and compelling messages that effectively convey the value and impact of the Procurement Work and Entrepreneur Residency Program
  • Create content that effectively communicates who we are, and what we are doing (images, videos, animations) [3x per week, adapted to each social media channel]
  • Create a monthly report at the end of each month including our learnings, achievements, and areas of improvement. Integrating LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Analytics, Mailchimp analytics, and PR efforts
  • Respond to messages across social media channels and email on a weekly basis, demonstrating responsiveness and building a positive online community
  • Develop and optimize monthly campaigns on Headstream’s social media channels, ensuring alignment with overarching goals and adapting strategies based on performance analytics
  • Write and publish a monthly newsletter containing the most relevant updates about the Procurement Work, Entrepreneur Residency Program, and other components of our work. Ensure alignment with branding and mission (6 total)
  • Write and publish one insightful article per month, providing information, insights, opinions, or stories to educate, entertain, or engage audiences
  • Update the website monthly to ensure that communications are current and relevant. Optimize for user experience and SEO
  • Create two monthly proposals for team participation as guest speakers in events aligning with the mission, vision, and timeline


Timing and Expectations:

This contract is fully remote..  Although virtual, the working environment is inclusive, collaborative, and communicative. This contract starts on January 30th and ends on July 30th, 2024. 

1099 contractors will be expected to invoice the company monthly.


Proposal Submission:

Proposals should include portfolio or work samples, evidence of past success, and a proposed hourly rate. Submissions are due by Dec 31, 2023

Proposals will be evaluated based on the contractor’s experience, approach, and budget. We look forward to receiving your proposal and potentially collaborating to enhance the impact of the Headstream Innovation program.


Submission Qualifications: 

  • Demonstrated success in executing digital marketing and paid media campaigns 
  • Create and implement effective digital strategies that align with the company’s goals
  • Familiarity with communications, marketing, and journalism
  • A track record of delivering multiple successful projects, and meeting deadlines consistently
  • Utilizing advanced digital media analytics to derive actionable insights and optimize campaigns for maximum impact
  • A history of implementing and refining social media advertisements to achieve exceptional results for clients
  • A comprehensive understanding of both historical and current digital marketing and technology trends, ensuring innovative campaigns
  • A proactive, collaborative, and results-driven approach
  • Exceptional writing with a focus on crafting web and social media copy that resonates with target audiences
  • A strong attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of a campaign contributes to the desired outcomes
  • Proficiency in graphic design, particularly with tools like Canva, to enhance the visual appeal and effectiveness of campaigns
  • Project management skills, including experience with Asana, Slack, and Google Drive, to facilitate smooth collaboration within the internal team
  • Extensive experience working with Mailchimp or HubSpot, showcasing expertise in leading marketing automation platforms and lead creation
  • Submission of a comprehensive portfolio showcasing past projects and campaign outcomes is required. The portfolio should highlight creativity, strategic thinking, and measurable results achieved. This collection of work will serve as a key factor in the evaluation process

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